Open letter: Early intervention essential to address violence against women and girls

With media attention on violence against women and girls over the last few months, it is crucial to recognise that the conditions which feed such violence fester from childhood.  The link between the gender stereotyping which surrounds young children and a range of unequal and unacceptable outcomes, including male violence against women and girls, is clear and established.  Compelling evidence shows that educating children about gender equality from an early age must be an essential part of any strategy to tackle violence against women and girls.  

Today, alongside The Fawcett Society and a broad coalition of others working in the fields of gender equality, violence against women and education, we have written to Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson.  We call on the Government to make actively challenging gender stereotypes integral to early years and primary education, and to work with experts in the field to ensure that schools have the resources and support they need to do so.  This work is critical if outcomes are to improve for the next generation.

Open letter to Gavin Williamson