Our whole-school approach integrates gender equality into the school curriculum, ethos and routines: equipping staff and pupils to recognise, discuss and challenge stereotypes and inequalities wherever they find them.

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We provide schools with everything they need to challenge gender stereotypes: the limiting effects start early and can last a lifetime.

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Gender Stereotypes in SocietyGender Stereotypes in Schools

By the time they reach secondary school children often have entrenched views about gender norms. It is therefore important that children are educated about gender equality… in primary school.Women and Equalities Committee, 2016

Why don’t we have more female scientists? Why are so few men nurses? The root of most gender imbalances starts early on. By recognising and challenging these stereotypes we can lift the limits they place on children’s aspirations, choices and outcomes.

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Lifting Limits opens our eyes to the unconscious bias that we are too often susceptible to within society. This is important work for teachers who believe in building equity, fairness & diversity.Professor Dame Alison Peacock, The Chartered College of Teaching

Stereotyping can destroy people’s dreams


stereotypes separate boys and girls a lot

it’s unfair how they can judge you by your gender

– Pupils Years 4-6 (age 8 -11), Lifting Limits workshops