Social media toolkit: report launch

We have launched our report, ‘We can all be who we want to be’: A whole school approach to challenging gender stereotyping and promoting gender equality in primary schools. The report demonstrates the clear success of the pilot in challenging gender stereotypes from an early age, and that Lifting Limits’ whole school approach is effective in disrupting limiting gendered norms. We now want to share the good news and our recommendations.

Please help us:

  • tell your friends, colleagues and networks about Lifting Limits’ successful pilot
  • if you’re a parent or educator, tell the schools and teachers you know about Lifting Limits’ successful whole school approach
  • share the report with policy makers and influencers at all levels: Government, Local Authorities, Multi-Academy Trusts and teacher training providers

Links and hashtags

Please share our report on social media

  • Direct people to where they can download the report as a pdf
  • Use the hashtags #GenderLens #GenderNorms
  • Tag us on Twitter @LiftingLimitsUK

Image gallery

Please use any of the images below in your tweets and other social media posts

Suggested tweets

The @LiftingLimitsUK pilot demonstrates the success of a whole school programme in disrupting the limiting #GenderNorms that children learn from a young age. Read their report ‘We can all be who we want to be’

“Now I notice it more as I know what’s happening more and I take more notice and it’s bad that it’s happening. It seems so wrong.” Girl, Y5. @LiftingLimitsUK successfully equips children to think critically about #GenderNorms. Read their report

The @LiftingLimitsUK report shows the success of a whole school approach and applying a #GenderLens to curriculum, teacher training, staff practice and school routines for pupils, staff and parents

Or please retweet our pinned tweet from @LiftingLimitsUK

Campaign coverage

Education Guardian have run an exclusive about the Lifting Limits programme and our report.

Local paper the Camden New Journal reported on our pilot

Nursery World reported our pilot ‘successful in changing young children’s views on gender’

Please remember to include the hashtags #GenderLens and #GenderNorms at the end of your post.

Please contact us if you have any questions or are a journalist who would like to receive the press release.

Thank you for helping us influence policy makers, educators and all those responsible for educating children to lift the limits gender stereotypes place on children’s choices and aspirations.