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Lifting Limits intervenes early to challenge gender stereotypes, specifically working with primary schools in England. Our evidence-based approach is a key strength that distinguishes Lifting Limits from others in its field.   Your donation makes a huge difference.

What we can do with your support will not only reach more schools and children, but will be instrumental in changing the social norms perpetuated by gender stereotyping.

Donor “Shopping List”

Here are some examples of what your donation can buy.

£20 Will help us to plan support packages for teachers around gender equality. 
£50  Will support us to help teachers to complete gender curriculum audits in their schools.  
£100  Will help to write a unit of lessons on gender equality for schools. 
£200  Will fund half a day of teacher training in schools on gender equality.  
£200Will buy ONE Parent/Carer workshop focused around gender stereotyping for a primary school as part of the Lifting Limits whole school programme; reflecting on the role families can play in addressing gender stereotyping with their children and taking away practical strategies for challenging gender stereotyping with children  
£500Will buy ONE day of staff training in a primary school. Training will focus on helping all staff recognise the limiting effect of gender stereotyping, where it might appear in the school environment, their fundamental role in addressing stereotypes, as well as providing practical strategies to use to tackle this    
£1,100Will enable Lifting Limits to offer our programme for ONE primary school at subsidised cost. This will provide all staff with training, as well as resources for the children and workshops for the parents.
£3,300Will enable Lifting Limits to offer our programme for THREE Primary schools.   

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The Lifting Limits pilot challenged and broadened children’s ideas about sex and gender. this resulted in more children being able to reflect on the past and think critically about the present. This gives them the means to change the future.

Teaching support staff, pilot school

For me it’s the critical thinking element among the children that I think is positive. What I really want them to be able to do is to spot and challenge.

Teacher and Gender Champion, Lifting Limits pilot school

They have produced brilliant resources, they’re split into year groups and into subject areas so they’re all tailored to what is in the national curriculum so that work has already been done for us.

Teacher and Gender Champion, Lifting Limits pilot school

When it was first introduced, I thought I was pretty on top of it, but when you do look at books and things in the school and how they do portray boys and girls in certain roles and colours – I didn’t realise that it was probably having quite a strong effect on them and it made me reflect on my role teaching children.

Teaching support staff, pilot school

Now I’m probably treating girls a bit better than i was before

Boy, Year 4, end of pilot interview

I feel confident to speak about gender stereotypes… we just want this world to be a fairer and nicer place to live in so you should speak out and stop people and make sure they don’t do it again because it’s wrong

Girl, Year 6, end of pilot interview

My children told us about the discussions held at school and that I found very valuable and it provided an opportunity to speak about as a family and at the dinner table

Parent survey respondent

You expertly and sensitively enlightened lots of parents in the room to start to identify their limiting beliefs and assumptions around gender.

Parent, Lifting Limits workshop