Challenging stereotypes in schools, for everyone

Olivia wrote a post for issue 7 of Sonshine, a magazine about raising boys for an equal world.

She writes about how the Lifting Limits programme benefits boys as much as girls:

At Lifting Limits, we often want to know if there’s anything particular that’s happening at the school that has made them want to sign up to the programme.

“Children are from communities where boys are noisy and loud and girls are very quiet”

”Some unconscious bias from teachers, where boys dress up as doctors and girls as teachers…”

”There are some antiquated views from families, around racism and gender stereotyping”

”Boys are performing below girls in every year group, something is entrenched. Unconscious expectations are entrenched”


Often, boys’ under-achievement is mentioned – in fact, Heads and Gender Champions of at least half of the schools joining Lifting Limits this year noted it.

Screenshot of blog on Sonshine magazine website

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